International Conference on Sustainable Coastal and Ocean Development towards a Blue Economy

Theme: “Building a Blue Economy: Strategy, Opportunities and Partnerships in the Seas of East Asia”

Report on Overall Conference Outcomes

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The International Conference gathered various stakeholders — policymakers, resource and economic managers, business professionals, scientists, members of the academe, local and international NGOs, youth and community representatives and other members of civil society from within and outside the East Asian Seas region —- to engage in knowledge sharing and partnership building.

The International Conference featured several major conference sub-themes that covered essential aspects of sustainable coastal and ocean development. A series of workshops, seminars and interactive sessions were organized under each sub-theme, which provided the participants of the EAS Congress 2012 access to a wealth of experience and expertise in improved governance and management of the regional ocean and its resources.

With the theme “Building a Blue Economy: Strategy, Opportunities and Partnerships in the Seas of East Asia,” the Congress 2012 addressed the new opportunities for the ocean economy of East Asia, the range of partnerships that have developed and are required in order to realize the full potential of a blue economy, and the progress and achievements in governance of regional/sub-regional seas within the framework of the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia (SDS-SEA).

The International Conference programme was built on the key outcomes of the EAS Congress 2009, as well as feature accomplishments in coastal and ocean governance and on-the ground management programs at the national, local and sub-regional levels. It also presented new approaches, innovative technologies, and best practices that may be helpful in addressing some of the persistent and emerging challenges in the East Asian Seas region.

International Conference Programme

The International Conference ran from 9–11 July 2012. It featured five sub-themes and under each sub-theme a number of workshops/seminars/forums were conducted.

Based on the consensus or key points identified in various workshops/seminars/forums, summaries of recommendations from each sub-theme as well as from special events (i.e., Youth Forum) were presented during the Closing Ceremony of the International Conference on 11 July 2012. In particular, the Recommendations were presented to the Ministers and the Congress participants to contribute in the advancement and further strengthening of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia (SDS-SEA) and actions towards building a Blue Economy for the East Asian Seas region.

Main Themes Subthemes
Sustainable Development-related Aspects Subtheme 1: Nurturing the Coastal and Ocean Economies of the Seas of East Asia: Opportunities and Challenges
Subtheme 2: Accelerating Blue Innovations in Support of an Ocean-based Blue Economy
Subtheme 3: Securing Ecosystem Services through Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management
Governance-related Aspects Subtheme 4: Good Governance, Good Business
Subtheme 5:Meeting Institutional and Individual Skills and Capacities for Integrated Coastal and Ocean Governance